Cardio NAD+
Cardio NAD+

Cardio NAD+

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An advanced solution crafted with cutting-edge ingredients aimed at optimizing cardiovascular well-being. Meticulously formulated to synergistically target various aspects of heart health, this groundbreaking blend underscores the crucial interplay between NAD+ and cardiac vitality, showcasing potent cardioprotective effects.

Featured Supportive Benefits: 

  • Improves net NAD+ status by supporting both its synthesis and limiting its degradation 
  • Supports healthy blood pressure 
  • Improves vascular aging, endothelial function and glycocalyx health
  • Supports healthy fibrinolytic activity and clotting function
  • Promotes healthy circulation and blood flow 
  • Inhibits platelet & red blood cell aggregation
  • Decreases blood viscosity
  • Supports clinical measures of inflammation 
  • Supports healthy levels of nitric oxide
  • Inhibits lipid peroxidation
  • Supports healthy lipid metabolism
  • Demonstrated reduction in various independent cardiovascular risk factors